By Rebecca Wetten, Lead Publisher, ‘Future of eCommerce’​ – The Times

Game-changing tech has completely transformed supply chains. The number of customer touch points boggle the mind. Savvier buyers hold the industry to higher standards than ever before. If a business cannot achieve customer loyalty it simply won’t survive.

Let’s look at B2B first. Given the rapid change and massive opportunities presented by the eCommerce market, the vast majority of B2B companies have an antiquated system for their customers to order and buy. Why does the process of rethinking and adapting seem to be moving at the rate of a sloth wearing ankle weights at the moment?

On the B2C side, the customer’s got to be at the centre. Is great eCommerce tech about gimmicks and interruptions? Of course not. It’s about making the complex simple, making the online shopping and buying process one that is slick, engaging, fun.

On both sides there is a lot of confusion, and simplicity is the answer.

The 16-page ‘Future of eCommerce’ report will be published in The Times on February 21st. It’ll be a crucial read for retailers, and in fact for anyone who sells anything.

We’re going to go back to basics, educating senior decision makers about which technologies will actually work, how the eCommerce value chain will evolve and how customer centricity can be achieved.

I’m gathering editorial ideas for the report, so I’d be keen to hear any thoughts prior to commissioning my journalists in a couple of weeks. Please feel free to connect/message for further info.