By Brett Hardiman, Chief Marketing Officer CMO at Punch

Who can believe we’re already three months into 2017?! Now that we’ve firmly stepped into the New Year we’re getting serious about setting our sights on what’s on the horizon to stay ahead of the curve.

Like most people, I love to read the marketing predictions at the start of each year to get a feel for what the experts believe to be the next “big” things for the year ahead. This year, the themes appear to be around the following:

  • AR/VR (again),
  • Big data is going to be, well, BIG
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and all things connected to the inter-web will be a real mover and shaker
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • The continual rise of mobile and everything that wraps around it (is your site compliant with Googles new mobile-first indexing algorithm update? If not, you better get onto it because that one’s not a prediction, it’s already here!)

The annual hit predictions are generally technologies or strategies that are definitely going to be BIG, but are still on the fringe for the vast majority of businesses, due to the level of resources needed to implement these ideas.

Sure, Samsung may have a fridge that can scan the contents and send a message to the owner when they need some milk, but I don’t know too many people who have that type of fridge—yet!

AI and machine learning is growing at a rapid rate particularly via Chatboxes which can vary from the use of advanced language processing through to simple keyword identification.

What I think would be interesting is to find out what YOU the marketers, sales specialists and entrepreneurs are going to be really focusing on in 2017 to drive revenue, sales, and ultimately, success.

I know paid ads on Google or Facebook, Video Marketing, SEO and Remarketing (to name a few) aren’t that “sexy”, but they are here and now, and they work.

To help uncover the answers we have put together a really brief 3 question survey to see what will be happening in the real world. Why not take 30 seconds to fill it out?

This is totally anonymous, and I’ll share the results with everyone at the end.

The survey will close off on the 14/03/17 so take 30 seconds to drop in your “predictions” for 2017. It will be interesting to see how closely the real world results of this quick-poll align with the hit experts predictors out there!

In the meantime, if you have any hit predictions I’d like to hear your thoughts.