The marketing methods and techniques that businesses use to grow and succeed are constantly changing, especially in the modern world of online technology dominance. These days, many companies have found that one of the best forms of communication and marketing is livestreaming. Don’t think livestreaming should be included in your business strategy? Think again. Take a look at these 8 benefits of livestreaming for business.

Establish a Wider Reach: Livestreaming can expand your reach like you never thought possible. This is because anyone from anywhere in the world can tap into your stream at any given time. (You can also adjust the privacy settings on most platforms if you don’t want it to broadcast beyond internal walls.)

Build An Audience: Regularly livestreaming also helps a company or brand build an audience of loyal “watchers.” These people tune in whenever you start streaming and then share the livestream videos to help your content spread far and wide.

Engage & Interact: Livestreaming is one of the easiest ways to interact with your customers. They can usually see you but you can’t see them, so they feel more comfortable engaging in real conversations, having discussions or asking questions.

Encourage Action: The psychology behind what makes livestreaming for businesses so essential has to do with the idea that a customer is more inclined to buy or subscribe when they they can put a face to the call to action.

Answer Questions: Livestreaming also gives you the ability to answer questions, address concerns or request info in real-time to prevent delays in service. If a customer, client or partner is encouraged to participate in an engaging live video, you both will save time on follow up and research in discovering the features that your customers love.

Deliver Demonstrations: Another unique way that livestreaming can benefit a business is that it facilitates the ability to demonstrate new products. After all, buyers are more likely to purchase a product when they can see it in action. Many of the Fortune 500 companies are using livestreaming to reach a wider audience for new product announcements and internally to train sales teams on those new products.

Various Tools Available: There are also a wide variety of real-time editing tools, software and multipurpose platforms that you can use to personalize your livestream sessions according to your specific needs. Pulling in social feeds, adding graphics or using multiple camera angles ads a dynamic aspect to your livestream.

Limitless Possibilities: With an assortment of streaming platforms to choose from, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Have a younger, more tech savvy audience? You might be best off broadcasting on Instagram, Facebook Live or Youtube. Have an older or more sophisticated audience? If so, it’s best to deliver a streamlined video experience direct to your website or landing page. Even better: livestream to all of the networks simultaneous to reach the largest audience.

Chances are you never realized that livestreaming could be so beneficial for your business. Now that you are aware of just how streaming can help your company, it’s time to make a plan and go live. It’s recommended you start by choosing your preferred destination and then go from there. Just remember to have fun with your livestreaming sessions so that your targeted viewers actually want to tune in and stay tuned in.