by Paul Goldston, Digital Creative Director at Reload Media

In the past few years, Facebook has emerged as a global digital advertising heavyweight. The big blue behemoth now makes up a near duopoly with Google that accounts for nearly 70% of ALL global digital advertising revenues.

But with such growth comes increased competition. With the sheer number of advertisers jostling for eyeballs and engagement on Facebook these days, the task of getting your ads to truly stand out and stop your audience from scrolling is more difficult now than it has ever been before.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite ‘scroll stopping’ Facebook Ad creation tools, I’ve cherry picked my top five for LinkedIn below:

1. Flixel

Have you ever heard of a cinemagraph? That’s OK if you haven’t. You’ve probably already seen them out in the wild without realising. Cinemagraphs are static photos that have moving elements within them. They work brilliantly to capture attention and encourage engagement when used as Facebook ads.

Flixel is a platform that makes the once arduous process of developing cinemagraphs completely straightforward and simple. If you are keen to start creating your own cinemagraphs for your Facebook and Instagram ads, check out the Flixel platform.

2. Ad Espresso

This is one of my favourite Facebook advertising tools here at Reload Media. Ad Espresso is a brilliant piece of multivariate testing technology that enables you do test multiple versions of your Facebook and Instagram advertisements in order to determine which combination of elements work best for your products or services:
ad espresso

Bonus Extra: When you become a user, you also gain access to the Ad Espresso Ad Gallery which pulls in and archives some of the world’s highest performing Facebook ads. You can use the ads in this gallery as inspiration for your own advertising efforts.

3. Shakr

While my full article covers no less than 6 Facebook video ad creation tools, I wanted to highlight Shakr in this post just because of how impressed I was with their positioning as “Canva for Video”. Shakr have a fantastic library for video assets that you can use to create professional looking, attention grabbing Facebook video ads.

4. Outfit

For those marketers who have strict brand guidelines they need to stick to when developing Facebook (and other display) ad sets, Outfit might be a good choice for you.

Outfit, a Brisbane based software company, enables marketing managers to:

– Create genuine brand integration and consistency across all of their advertising and marketing efforts;
– Digitise their brand guidelines for better brand policing; and finally,
– Save thousands in agency costs and design hours through the miracle of responsive brand asset design!

If you haven’t seen it in action, you need to check out an example of Outfit’s responsive display ads here!

5. Facebook Canvas Ad Builder

Ok hot tip, if you haven’t tried Facebook Canvas ads yet, look into it. This is the sexy new ad format taking Facebook by storm. Canvas ads enable advertisers to create extremely rich and engaging brand experiences directly within their target audiences’ news feeds.

That’s right. Audiences don’t need to leave Facebook to have an interactive brand experience any more. Designed exclusively for mobile users, Canvas ads enables marketers to tell better stories and bring their content to life.

Here is an example:

But what if you don’t have a design department or creative agency?

No problems.

Facebook have developed a really easy to use Canvas Ad Builder that enables small businesses to develop their own, high quality, super engaging canvas ads as well.